Tourism industry benefits your local economy, stimulates job growth, and improves the quality of living for your residents.

What we do:

We assist tourism destinations in making the most of their potential by drawing on our experience, knowledge and creativity. Our goal is to improve your destination organization's overall performance and to help you grow your tourism economy.


Specializing in all facets of operating a successful Destination Management Organization (DMO).

  • DMO community sports tourism setup, development, and marketing programming
  • DMO/Commission film tourism formation and planning
  • Convention district sales/services and marketing strategy facilitation
  • Tourism/hospitality and convention sales training and development
  • GamingĀ  entertainment assessment and Impact
  • DMO contract management

Strategy & Planning:

Want to be a leader in your community? A winning destination? It all starts with a great vision and a workable plan. Put us to work in helping you develop your future destination strategic sales, marketing, or services plan.

Previous Advisory Projects:

  • Bourbon Country Masterplan, Louisville KY
  • 10-year Tourism Masterplan, Evansville IN
  • Amatuer Sports Masterplan, Evansville IN
  • E-sports Masterplan, Atlantic City NJ
  • Convention Development, Sales and Marketing, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Event Development, Louisville KY
  • Event Development, Providence RI
  • New DMO Development, Atlantic City NJ
  • Event Community Organizer, Super Bowl & NCAA Final Four, Tampa FL
  • Visitors Center Development, Providence RI, Louisville KY, Evansville IN